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Meross Smoke Alarm, Fire Detector, Certified by DIN EN 14604, VdS, CE and RoHS, Reddot Award Design, IF Award Design, GS546

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  • Reliable Choice: Certified by DIN EN 14604, VdS, CE and RoHS, secure your family.
  • 10 Year Battery Life: Equipped with a 3V low-power lithium battery, which allows an incredible life of up to 10 years.
  • Automatic Check: The self-test function replaces the weekly manual test, greatly save your labor.
  • 3 Alert Modes: Buzzer error alert, sensor error alert and low battery alert, a ture smart smoke detector.
  • Mute Function: When an alarm happens and it is well noticed, you can mute the detector by simply pressing the test button.
  • Night Mode: It can automatically dim its LED brightness at night, no disturb for your sleep.
  • Elegant Design: Reddot design award, IF design award, this smoke alarm is designed for the ones who love their lives.