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Meross Smart Radiator Thermostat, MTS150HHK

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  • Control Up to 16 Devices - One hub is able to control 16 meross standalone devices (sensors, smoke detectors, thermostat valves) at same time.
  • Forget to turn the thermostats OFF when you leave home, now you can simply control them remotely via Meross app or Apple Home app.
  • Works with Apple HomeKit, Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control. eg: "Hey Siri, set the living room thermostat to 25 degree."
  • Save your heating bill with the smart schedule function. Never worry about arriving home with a cold room, or leaving the house with the radiator still heating.
  • Open window detection. Automatically stop heating when the open window is detected. Save up to 30% energy bill in one winter.
  • Connector type M30 x 1.5 mm. Package Contents: 1 x Smart Radiator Thermostat, 1 x Meross HomeKit Hub, 1 x User Manual, 6 x Connector Adapters (RA Adapter, RAV Adapter, RAVL Adapter, Giacomini Adapter, Caleffi Adapter, M28 x 1.5 Adapter).
  • 1 x Meross HomeKit Hub can connect up to 16 x thermostats.