Meross Smart Wi-Fi Socket Thermostat, Heating & Cooling, MTS960HK

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  • Easy to use design, can be controlled by device buttons, free Meross app or voice. LCD display with a backlight can show the target temperature and the measured temperature at the same time, and easy to read even in the dark. Supports Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees.
  • Works with Apple Home, Alexa, Google Home, and SmartThings.  It can be controlled remotely anytime, anywhere, with the internet.
  • Solid hardware quality, maximum output load: 16A, 3680W. Wide temperature measurement range from -30°C to 110°C, ±0.5℃ accuracy. The stainless steel temperature sensor is 2 meters long and can be placed in water.
  • Support Heat and Cool working modes, which can be used for various heating and cooling equipment, such as infrared heaters, fan heaters, and refrigerators. It also supports Timer working mode, which can set countdown timer and cycle timer to meet a variety of requirements.
  • A temperature schedule of up to 12 periods per day allows you to customize your home’s heating and cooling. It can automatically follow the schedule even when the Wi-Fi is disconnected. What's more, the device supports energy monitor and temperature history. You can view and extract historical data via Meross app.
  • Socket Thermostat can be used in many different areas where precise heating or cooling is required, including fermentation control in living rooms, bedrooms, aquariums, orangeries, greenhouses, brewing and yogurt-making, egg incubation control, etc.
  • Plenty of advanced features for various customized scenarios, such as heating/cooling differential, high and low temperature alarms, sensor failure alarm, as well as temperature calibration. And time-delay safety(compressor protection) function for refrigeration.

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Heating & Cooling


This smart temperature thermostat can be used for various heating and cooling equipment, such as infrared heaters, fan heaters, and refrigerators. High/Low temperature alarms are supported, you will be notified when temperature goes beyond privous setting.


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