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Meross Smart Humidity & Temperature Sensor Kit, Get Alert Notifications Remotely, Works with IFTTT, MS100H

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  • Control Up to 16 Devices - One hub is able to control 16 meross standalone devices (sensors, smoke detectors, thermostat valves) at same time. Placing in 16 different locations like bedroom, baby room, fridge, basement or wine cellar .etc. Collect temperature and humidity readings in every corner of the house allow you to react quicker to any sudden changes
  • Precise Reading - Powerful sensing component ensure the reliable, accurate measurement. Temperature range from -10°C to 50°C (10°F - 130°F), Humidity range between 0~100%RH (Do Not use under extreme environment). Typical connection range between sensor and smart hub is 100ft with 2 walls. 140ft within one wall. One hub is able to pairs with 16 sensors.
  • Alert Function - Support IFTTT trigger for iPhone/Android. All sudden Temperature or Humidity changes will receive alert via meross APP, meross sensor allows you to be notified at once and react faster to prevent air quality problems.
  • Automation Function – meross Smart Thermometer Hygrometer is constantly monitoring home conditions even while you’re on the other side of the home. You will receive all data up to date. Automation function will help you monitor the temperature and humidity more easily, for instance, when the baby room is too dry, turn on my meross smart humidifier
  • AMAZON AWS Storage - All meross sensor’s data is securely transmitted (HTTPs & TLS) and stored using Amazon AWS servers in US. Check data anytime anywhere or export them out via the free meross app.