Meross Smart Power Strip, MSS426HK(UK Version)

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  • Compatible with Apple HomeKit: Also compatible with SmartThings Alexa Google Home. Control your devices hands-free, just make a voice command to turn on/off the connected devices (You can name each outlet and USB ports group as you like). 
  • 6 AC Outlet + 4 USB A Ports: Total output for USB ports is 20W MAX. You can charge your cell phone, tablets, and other USB gadgets with the smart extension lead. Want a 65W fast charge power strip? You can go to the meross store to see more! Control 10 devices at once, making your home life simpler. Each AC outlet can be controlled ON/OFF individually, and 4 USB A ports can be controlled ON/OFF as a group.
  • Remote Control: Compatible with SmartThings. Meross smart Wi-Fi power strip, ideal for home/office use. In order to make the smart extension lead work better, please connect it to your home 2.4GHz WiFi network and keep it under a strong WiFi signal at any time. You can use the app to control home devices from anywhere anytime with internet access.
  • Schedule & Timer: WiFi extension lead with USB ports supports turning on/off the home or office devices automatically. An added benefit of saving energy when devices are not needed or are left on by accident. Support sunrise and sunset setting.
  • Reassuring Safety Design: The smart power strip with USB slots is made of flame-retardant PC material and it supports any home device up to 13A, and up to 4.0A for four USB ports. The overload protection mechanism helps secure all of your electric appliances connected.

Only HomeKit Version Supports Apple Home App, Apple HomeKit, and Siri while the Non-HomeKit Version Doesn't.


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